EMJD-DC is an international doctoral programme in Distributed Systems.

Students carry out their research work over up to four years in two universities from different countries, with additional mobility to industry in most projects. Joint training schools cover both scientific topics and transferable skills, such as project and scientific management, communication, innovation techniques. EMJD-DC initially awards double degrees, however a task is evaluating the implementation of a Joint Degree.

The research projects address some of the key technological challenges of our time, mainly but not exclusively: ubiquitous data-intensive applications, scalable distributed systems (including Cloud computing and P2P models), adaptive distributed systems (autonomic computing, green computing, decentralized and voluntary computing), and applied distributed systems (distributed algorithms and systems, working in an inter-disciplinary manner, in existing and emerging fields to address industrial and societal needs in the European and worldwide context.

The consortium partners assembled in EMJD-DC have a high international reputation in the research fields described above. They complement each other very well in their specialisation fields of research, and in the corresponding training offers. The first language of all training and research activities will be English, but students are exposed to local languages.

Our Consortium has a strong track record of participation in international projects for research and education, and in particular with each other. Three consortium members already collaborate in the Erasmus Mundus Master in Distributed Computing. The majority of partners are also participants in the ERCIM consortium, all belong to theCluster University network, and several EU Research Projects. EMJD-DC is supported by several labs with direct links with the industry, mainly the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), the Centre of Excellence in Information and Communication Technologies (CETIC),INESC-ID Lisboa and several industrial labs such as Telefonica Research (TID), Ericsson, CA Labs, Yahoo Research, and SME asEuranova and Peerialism.

EMJD-DC Spring event (June 1-4, 2014)

The spring event for 2014 will take place at KTH, in its main campus.
PhD students should coordinate with his local professor (thus decentralized) to prepare the trip as soon as possible to save travel costs and stay in hotels close to the venue (costs covered by the consortium). PhD students will present PhD plans (your supervisor will guide you in the preparation): initial for 1st year PhDs and revised/progress for 2nd year.

Our Spring event will be held together with the iSocial summer event: related topics but different season ;-)

Details about the program and venue


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