Dr Leandro Navarro
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Department of Computer Architecture
Jordi Girona, 1-3, D6
ES - 08034 Barcelona
Email: Applicants are not required to contact the coordinator but just prepare and submit an application following the instructions in this web site.

EMJD-DC Spring event (June 18-20, 2018)

The spring event for 2018 will take place at UPC (Barcelona), in its main campus (North Campus, C6-E101), directions.

upc-c6Start: although we’ll start formally at 15h, we can meet around 12:45-13:00 in the meeting room (C6-E101) where you can leave your stuff in our lab and head for lunch together on campus.

Agenda:  Sessions of 3 presentations in 30” slots + talks/lectures

  Monday afternoon (2 h) starting at 15h
  Tuesday morning (3h) starting at 10h with talk 1
  Tuesday afternoon (2h)
  Visit Visit to Güell Palace by Gaudi at 17:30
  Group dinner at 20:30
  Wednesday morning (3h) starting at 10h with talk 2
  End by lunch time.
  UCL, Peter: Interesting technology developments in LightKone: updates to Antidote, Lasp, Legion. e.g. Tuesday morning.
  KTH, Vlad: “Optimizing Windowed Aggregation over Geo-Distributed Data Streams”. e.g. Wednesday morning.
Order of presentations: most recent PhD students first (so more visibility = opportunities for feedback during the event)
Papers submitted (13):
 2016 David Gureya Asymmetry-aware Thread and Page Placement for Contemporary NUMA Architectures
 2016 Khulan Batbayar Collaborative informed gateway selection in largescale and heterogeneous networks
 2016 Paolo Laffranchini Composable Primitives for SDN Measurements
 2016 Sana Imtiaz IoT-driven Privacy Preserving Health Recommender System
 2016 Zainab Abbas Big Data Processing in Distributed and Decentralized Settings
 2015 Igor Zavalyshyn Privacy-aware IoT Data Management
 2015 Jawad Manzoor Dissecting HTTP/2 and QUIC: Measurement, Evaluation and Optimization
 2015 João Neto FPthreads: Faster Persistent Threads
 2015 Muhammad Bilal Finding Optimal Cloud Configurations for Data Analytics Pipelines
 2014 Petar Mrazovic Crowdsensing-driven Route Optimisation Algorithms for Smart Urban Mobility
 2013 Jingna Zeng Augmenting Transactional Memory with the Future Abstraction  
 2013 Shady Issa Techniques for Enhancing the Efficiency of Transactional Memory Systems
 2013 Zhongmiao Li, Peter Van Roy and Paolo Romano Enhancing Performance of Partially-Replicated Transactional Data Store via Speculation
UCL: Peter Van Roy
UPC: Leandro Navarro, Llorenc Cerdà
KTH: Vladimir Vlassov, Seif Haridi
IST: Nuno Santos, Luis Rodrigues

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