Dr Leandro Navarro
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Department of Computer Architecture
Jordi Girona, 1-3, D6
ES - 08034 Barcelona
Email: Applicants are not required to contact the coordinator but just prepare and submit an application following the instructions in this web site.

Application instructions

An application consists of two steps. Please read the admission requirements and application instructions before sending your documents.

Step 1. Create a user account

Create a user account at the admission web site at UPC. A user account can be created in advance, before making your actual application. If you already have a UPC user account, please use the existing one and do not create a new one.

Once you have a user account you can apply to EMJD-DC in accordance with the application deadlines.

Step 2. Create a web-based application

Login to your account. Go to the Application management. Select “Applications”. On “Course type” select “Doctoral degree”. Click on “Create application”.

On a pop-up window, select “(September 2016) ERASMUS MUNDUS JOINT DOCTORATE IN DISTRIBUTED COMPUTING” and fill out that form. Look at “Research topics” to select the topics of your interest requested in that form.

Select “Personal details” and fill out that section. Upload the required documents (only in PDF format) to your application with the “Add files” button.

You can log out and return to your account any time to complete your data, modify the application form or add supporting documents. When your application is complete make sure you submit your application on time for evaluation by pressing the “Send request” button.

Your application will move to the “CONFIRMED” state when it is validated by the admission team, any time before the application deadline. After the evaluation is done, the state of your application will change to ACCEPTED (can be conditional or not) or REJECTED.  You will receive an email notification every time the state of your application changes.  Look at the user’s guide (manual candidate) when you are logged in for more details.

During the selection process, the candidates may be contacted for final face-to-face remote interview.

At the end of each selection stage candidates will have the possibility to appeal against the decisions of the EMJD-DC Selection Committee.

Appeal procedure

In case of non-selection and if a candidate has grounds to believe that his/her application file, although complete, has not been processed through the selection procedure, he/she may engage an appeal procedure by writing a complaint letter to the EMJD-DC Coordinator.

The applicants will be informed via e-mail about the appeal procedure at least 7 working days before the deadline for submitting the appeal (2016 call: March 8th, 12h CET).

The Appeal-Form describes the rules about how and when submitting the document.